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Abingdon Ruritan Club

Wedding at the Abingdon Ruritan Club:

Lindsay and Jesse had their wedding at the Abingdon Ruritan Club up in Gloucester, Virginia. We were all so happy that the weather cooperated and there was no rain in the forecast for the big day! It was a tad chilly for a Spring Wedding, but as long as the rain stayed away we were happy! The bride and bridesmaids all had their hair and makeup done by the fabulous ladies at Split Enz Salon which was right down the road in Gloucester Courthouse. What a cute little place to get some pictures of the bridal party! Lindsay and Jesse had their ceremony indoors at the Abingdon Ruritan Club. The venue is really big and perfect for weddings.  The red up-lights provided by HeyDJ looked amazing as well and really provided that finished touch for the reception. Lindsay and Jesse had a quick “I do” inside the venue and had all their photos outside on the field behind the building. It was a very bright Spring afternoon which worked well with Lindsay’s bright and cheerful color combination of red and coral. Lindsay has such a happy and bubbly personality. As you can see from all her photos, she either has a huge smile on her face or is laughing. She is such a fun person to be around and it must be contagious because all the guests were the same! The reception was a hit! Lindsay is part of a dancing group (AKA: The Wicked Hip Sisters) and surprised us all when they did a choreographed dance on the dance floor, how awesome is that! The night continued with heart-felt toasts from various friends and loved ones, a sweet cake cutting and a hilarious garter removal with the groom sliding on the dance floor to his bride!

Congrats Lindsay & Jesse!


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Lindsay & Jesse Blog 3

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