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Munden Point Park Family Session

Munden Point Park Family Session:

order Depakote online I had the pleasure of photographing this cute family down at Munden Point Park in Virginia Beach. The mom is actually my optometrist! I usually talk with all my doctors about what I do for a living and even hand out a card here and there, I don’t ever expect them to actually call me for a photo session. My thinking was that maybe they thought it would be weird to be a client of one of their patients or something. Well she called me and asked if I would photograph her family and told me that it had been years since they had formal portraits done. I was so happy and flattered she called me to photograph her family! We picked a date and then one of the hottest weeks of the summer rolled around and looking at the forecast ahead, it really didn’t seem that the weather would get any cooler anytime soon. We decided to just roll with it and work with the 95ish degree weather. So that in itself usually poses a big problem with any photo session, because your clients are hot and sticky and overall just uncomfortable, which is usually not the best scenario for looking your best in your pictures. With this family you can’t even tell that it was that hot outside, everyone did a great time going with the flow and we all had a good time and enjoyed the session. I love this park too because you have a few different options to work with and it is usually pretty quiet and not a lot of people. Enjoy! 🙂