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Proposal at Sandbridge Beach

Proposal at Sandbridge Beach:

Brandy thought that they were going to get some fun summer photos, what she didn’t know was that it was actually going to be a proposal!

Domonique had called me to setup an engagement session , however, I was unavailable to take his call so I called him back later that day. I thought it was odd that he was pretending I was someone else and started banging things around to make a lot of noise, and then he whispered in the phone that it was actually going to be a proposal and she was in the same room and if he could call me back. Too funny! I felt awful for almost spoiling it, but he did a pretty good job with his acting that she didn’t suspect a thing. So when he called back we began our planning of how this would actually play out, we figured it would be best to do the proposal at the end of the photo session.

The big day was approaching but the weather looked really bad. I called him the day before and asked if he would like to reschedule because the weather called for rain and thunderstorms. Domonique said he preferred to play it by ear on the day of because it was actually their anniversary so he wanted to keep it on this date. On the day of it was pouring down rain, but wouldn’t you know it, about an hour before our scheduled time it stopped raining and it started to clear. Game on! When we arrived we were amazed at how beautiful it was with the sky and mysterious clouds from the recent storm, it was gorgeous! We went around and took lots of cute photos around the pier and beach. When Brandy went to change her outfit for the remainder of the session, we talked about signals and how to let me know when he was going to do it. Domonique asked if I could come up with a signal when we reached the end of our session and when I found the best picturesque spot for the proposal. I told him that when I came to a great spot I would say something about the birds in the sky and that would be the signal, too funny! So when we were almost done and we were walking between two fences (great framing!) and the ocean was in the distance I decided this would be an awesome spot! I said something like “Oh my gosh did you see that giant bird!” and then stared right at Domonique. Not a few moments later he got down on one knee and I started shooting away! He asked and she said yes! This is why I love what I do! I am actually grinning right now just thinking back on this moment, they are too cute and how awesome is it to see and be part of such a great moment in two people’s lives? Congrats Brandy & Domonique! 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite images from our shoot, enjoy!

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