The hunt for the perfect snowman…

Jan 29th, 2013

Virginians don’t mess around when it snows, especially here at the beach! We took a family walk around the neighborhood and saw all the different snowmen in each yard and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see how many pictures I could get of snowmen in one day! These are actually the picture worthy ones… amazing how many people were outside making them! I didn’t make it around the entire community, Savvy had enough and we had to pack it up and go home. Enjoy and tell me which one is your favorite 🙂

Snowy Day_0058 Snowy Day_0061 Snowy Day_0066 Snowy Day_0071 Snowy Day_0097 Snowy Day_0101 Snowy Day_0104 Snowy Day_0107 Snowy Day_0109 Snowy Day_0110 Snowy Day_0111 Snowy Day_0112 Snowy Day_0113 Snowy Day_0114 Snowy Day_0115 Snowy Day_0116 Snowy Day_0117 Snowy Day_0118 Snowy Day_0119 Snowy Day_0120 Snowy Day_0121 Snowy Day_0122 Snowy Day_0123 Snowy Day_0124 Snowy Day_0125 Snowy Day_0126 Snowy Day_0127 Snowy Day_0128 Snowy Day_0129 Snowy Day_0130 Snowy Day_0131 Snowy Day_0132 Snowy Day_0134 Snowy Day_0135 Snowy Day_0136 Snowy Day_0137 Snowy Day_0138 Snowy Day_0139 Snowy Day_0144