Toni & Ben – Virginia Beach Resort Hotel

Feb 2nd, 2015

Toni and Ben are from Wisconsin and decided to have their wedding seaside at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel. It was quite chilly at the beach, about 40 degrees, but friends and family were used to the cold (since they were from the midwest) and didn’t seem to mind too much. I tried my best to manage in the cold, but at one point my fingers wouldn’t move anymore to adjust my camera settings! My brain was telling my hands to move but my fingers weren’t listening… haha! We all survived the cold for the lovely ceremony and formal pictures and came inside for a fun daytime reception.

The family and friends were really big Badger fans and even included a large blown up badger at their reception. Friends and family brought their badger gear and danced around at the reception. It was definitely a good time for all! I don’t usually see so much dancing and craziness at afternoon weddings, but this crowd was a blast! I loved that the mother of the bride and mother of the groom were friends and danced together too!

Toni and Ben are so much fun and love being silly. Their formal pictures would not be complete without some images where they could be silly and make funny faces or even re-enact Grant Wood’s painting American Gothic (except Toni used her bouquet instead of a pitch fork). Toni was a gorgeous bride too, with a very classic and romantic look for her big day. I loved the fur shawl she wore and the very simple but elegant dress and detailed beading on her bag and shoes. Ben wore his dress blues Navy uniform as well and they looked just perfect together! Photographers, well at least I do, love military uniforms on wedding days and the very romantic and emotional pictures that are able to be created.

Congrats Toni & Ben and thank you so much for choosing me to be part of your big day! I wish you many happy years together full of laughs, love and fun memories! 🙂



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